What is light?

Published January 22, 2017

What is light?

Every day we see the light of day. But what is light? Ancient scholars thought that from the human eye, animals and other creatures go special thin tentacles and with help palpation of objects of the eye sees them. A more plausible hypothesis about the nature of light put forward 2500 years ago Pythagoras...

Magnetic "perpetuum mobile"

Published March 26, 2017

Magnetic perpetuum mobile

Since ancient times, humanity has sought to create a variety of "perpetual motion machines". Numerous projects of "perpetual motion machines", which proved to be difficult to expose, are associated with magnets. For example, the magnetic "perpetuum mobile" of Pierre Perigrin de Maricour, who lived in the 13th century...

Synchronous and asynchronous electric motors

Published November 05, 2017

Synchronous and asynchronous electric motors

Synchronous and asynchronous electric motors form the basis for the classification of all motors. No matter how good were DC motors, but they have a very unreliable collector assembly with brushes: it sparks and often goes out of order. Therefore, scientists began to look for a method of "brushless" operation of electric motors...

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