The world around us is rich and mysterious. The science reveals his secrets. High rates of its development and the social character attract the attention of readers of various levels of education and age to the popular science genre. Popular science genre is the formation of world view and the widest popularization of science and technology achievements. This is, above all, education of comprehensively developed thinking man with a broad outlook, directed to the sphere of intellectual interests.

When setting priorities in regard to the popular science literature, first of all, we need to take into account the young people - this is the age when a person has the time and desire to read popular science literature as it is most rewarding and enjoyable for him the. This is why we need enticing things, this is why popular science websites and multimedia are so important. It is a natural, if not the main genre of literature, which is essential to a full education of a modern man. As a result, the interest to the science and technology is not reduced, as evidenced by the many articles on the Internet, in scientific and popular journals.

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27.07.2019. Archeology: popular scientific article about ancient scythians.

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26.05.2019. Biology: scientific and popular about how to water the ridge?

19.05.2019. Chemistry: scientific and popular about noble patina.

19.05.2019. Physics: scientific and popular what is a leiden bank?

05.05.2019. Archeology: entertaining about Pazyryk.

21.04.2019. Geology: scientific and popular about the history of the magnetic poles of the Earth.

14.04.2019. Geography: scientific and popular about mystery of the great glaciations.

07.04.2019. Astronomy: fascinating about the forces of the planets.

31.03.2019. Computer science: scientific and popular about Token Ring networks.

24.03.2019. Mathematics: interesting article about how to calculate the horizon distance?