What is thermal death?

Most likely, the thermal death of our universe still come. How will this happen? And what will happen next?

Most likely, the thermal death of our universe still come. How will this happen? And what will happen next?

From the point of view of physics, the temperature of all bodies in the Universe will gradually become equal. The stars will cool, the planets and other cold bodies will heat up, all the energy of the Universe will "depreciate" entropy. No work will be done anymore, since all of it will already be done. Life will also become impossible, because life processes are also work. The Universe will turn into "thermal garbage". Most likely, thermal death will coincide in time with the compression of the Universe, which, according to the latest data, should occur after the current expansion. Apparently, this compression should, in the end, lead the Universe to the state it was before the Big Bang. Space, Time, Mass, Energy and other fundamentals of our World will cease to exist as we now imagine. Along with them, "thermal debris" will also cease to exist - entropy, into which all energy will turn... But, it will happen very, very soon. But the thermal death of our terrestrial biosphere may occur, and very soon. And the reason for this may be the so-called global warming, caused mainly by the activities of mankind, which greatly affects the state of the earth's biosphere, polluting it. Pollution from human activity can be different - chemical, radioactive, biological, informational and, finally, thermal.

Fundamentally overcome all types of pollution, except for heat. And all because thermal pollution due to thermodynamic laws, is considered fatal. It can be delayed, the intensity of its increase can be reduced, but it cannot be reversed. Because all kinds of energy, doing work, go into heat, which raises the temperature of the environment of our closed earth system. This temperature is especially increased by burning fossil fuels, obtaining energy at nuclear power plants, even using the internal heat of the Earth and burning firewood. Only the use of natural forms of energy, which without our intervention will go into heat, - solar, wind, hydraulic, etc., would not seem to give additional heating of the biosphere and further its thermal death.

As the biosphere warms up, the humidity and carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere increases, and the greenhouse effect occurs when the Sun begins to help further heat the biosphere. An increase in the average temperature of the biosphere by several degrees, which can be expected in the near future, will cause the Earth’s ice caps to melt in the north and south, raising the level of the oceans by 10 meters or more and flooding a huge amount of land. A further increase in temperature can change the thermal equilibrium on Earth and the climate will become similar to the climate of Venus, when the temperature reaches hundreds of degrees and the pressure - dozens of atmospheres. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully use energy so that its smallest possible amount warms up the biosphere.

Can a person somehow counteract heat death? It is possible and this idea is suggested by volcanoes. Erupting, they emit so much ash that it rushes in the upper layers of the atmosphere for years, obscuring the sun. And the years of global cooling are coming. Of course, it is not worth provoking, for example, Krakatau eruptions, but it would not hurt to throw hundreds or two airplanes or rockets with light-reflecting powder into the upper atmosphere near the equator - the same aluminum powder, powder from chalk, sand, clay or other cheap material. If this happens near the equator, then fine dust, carried away by the trade winds and even stronger and constantly blowing winds in the tropopause, at an altitude of only 10–12 km, would be distributed in the tropics zone and near them and would last for years. The reflectivity of the Earth would increase substantially, and the flow of solar energy to the Earth would decrease, compensating for the emission of heat from human activity, and the thermal death of our biosphere would be stopped.