Glowing circles of the Indian Ocean

Our world is mysterious and unpredictable. No time for scientists to study one natural phenomenon, as there is another, even more mysterious. It also happens that this phenomenon, as it were, the researchers did not break their heads, remains inexplicable. Consider, for example, the glowing circles of the Indian Ocean, which for centuries have worried the minds of prominent scientists. The first meeting of sailors with an extraordinary phenomenon of nature, which for some reason arises only in the waters of the Indian Ocean, known to scientists for a long time. The crew of the English vessel Vulgur first met them in 1879. At 22 hours on July 10, near the Hindustan Peninsula, the British sailors saw from the right and left sides two huge glowing circles with peculiar "spokes" of 8 rays each. Moreover, one of them was rotating clockwise, and the other was against. Captain Evans determined that the luminous circles rotate at a speed of 130 km/h.

For example, the glowing circles of the Indian Ocean, which for centuries have worried the minds of prominent scientists

However, despite the fact that Evans was quite a famous scientist, a member of the British Geographical Society, his message was not taken seriously. But already in the following year, 1880, the sailors of the British ship Shakhikin, which crossed the eastern part of the Indian Ocean, again met these glowing circles. Captain R. Harris even sent the ship to the very center of the circle.

In the same year, in the Persian Gulf, the sailors of the English ship Patna saw on their way two luminous circles that were rotating in opposite directions at a high speed of 160 km/h.

Since then, reports of a meeting with mysterious luminous circles in the waters of the Indian Ocean have fallen like a horn of plenty. For example, only by 1973 there were more than sixty such observations.

In the summer of 1976 the scientific vessel "Vladimir Komarov" plowed the waters of the Arabian Sea. Shortly before midnight, when all the crew members who were free of watch had already rested, the captain of the ship V. Petrenko was urgently summoned to the captain's bridge, where the naval officer showed water instead of the report.

Around the vessel, a luminous circle with a radius of 150-200 m was rotating. The circle was rotating all the time counter-clockwise around a single center, from which 8 long rays departed. The depth sounder recorded a depth of 170 m, and the water temperature was 260 C. Half an hour later, this luminous circle disappeared without a trace and subsequently did not appear again.

It is established that the mysterious glowing circles of the Indian Ocean behave differently. Typically, on the surface of the ocean usually there is one or two luminous circles, each with radial, departing from a single center, rays, often a few hundred meters in length. Sometimes they shine so brightly that you can even read.

After a short while, amazing luminous circles disappear. The nature of these phenomena has not yet been explained. Some scientists believe that this is the result of a large concentration in these waters plankton , which, under certain conditions, floats to the surface and forms luminous circles in the Indian Ocean. But how to explain their correct circular shape and the rays that emanate from one center, and also the huge speed of their rotation? For more than 100 years, this extraordinary phenomenon is a mystery.