Fountain of Youth

An unusual miracle of nature - the lake, which was formed by mineral springs, is located on the Florida peninsula in the USA, near the town of Venice ("Venice"). About the wonderful healing features of this amazing lake was known even to the first Spanish conquerors of Central America. In local Indians, it was considered sacred. "Fountain of Youth", so they called it, carefully guarded from the aliens. Legend has it that the sick Indians lit fire at night on the shore of the lake-fountain, swam in it and held celebrations in honor of their gods, thanks to their healing.

Fountain of Youth, so they called it, carefully guarded from the aliens

At the beginning of the 16th century. the discoverer of Florida, the Spanish navigator aged Ponceau de Leon, having heard that the "fountain of youth" supposedly returns youth to the swimmer in it, in vain sought him out in order to take advantage of the miraculous healing waters. He died in a battle with the Indians, and did not reach his goal.

About unusual lake forgotten almost until the beginning of the 19th century when almost every village in Florida, trying to raise its authority, believed that it was they who had this "fountain of youth". The end of the controversy was laid in 1942. The official announcement of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Jonas Miller, said that the source of marvelous water is to the northwest of Port Charlotte (near the town of North Port) and is called Warm Mineral Springs (which translates as a warm mineral spring).

Of course, it is now clear to everyone that the fantastic properties of the water in this lake are clearly exaggerated, but, according to his researchers, the "fountain of youth" is indeed the only and unique reservoir of mineral water.

"Fountain of Youth" reaches in diameter more than 150 m and is formed by beating from the bottom of mineral springs. The constant water temperature in it is 28-290 C, and the high concentration of mineral salts dissolved in it has a beneficial effect on the health of the people who bathe in it. Healing properties of mineral water are manifested in the treatment of radiculitis, rheumatism, skin diseases, blood pressure, etc.

A huge contribution to the study of this miracle of nature was made by a former military and amateur underwater archeology, William Royal. After settling in Florida, he began to study the data that were obtained by geologists in the late 40's early 50-ies of the last century. It turned out that the lake has the form of a tooth root, and the water in it three times over the past thirty thousand years for unknown reasons rose by several tens of meters. To date, the water level is almost the same as the sea level.

According to the composition of mineral salts, the "fountain of youth", according to experts, stands above such world-famous resorts as Baden-Baden (Germany), Vichy (France) and Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic). Every year many tourists come here. The "Fountain of Youth" is located in a large park with tropical and subtropical plants: palm trees, eucalyptus, citrus fruits, etc.