Eucalyptus trees

The highest of existing trees are the Australian eucalyptus trees. The highest, accurately measured eucalyptus had a height of 155 m. The closest, outdoor-growing eucalyptus we could find in the Crimea, on the southern shore. However, they grow well in the Caucasus coast the Black Sea... Separate eucalyptus plants were planted in the Caucasus back in 1880.

The highest of existing trees are the Australian eucalyptus trees

Eucalypts belong to the family of Myrtle plants. Their genus, as they say in books, contains about 600 different species. All of them - natives of Australia and the adjacent islands. The highest eucalyptus, which we mentioned, belonged to the species that botanists call - eucalyptus almond-leaved (Eucalyptus amygdalina). It is considered to be the greatest tree in the world.

Eucalyptus grows unusually fast. Here is one of the most reliable examples. In one of the Italian gardens, a seed of eucalyptus was planted (Eucalyptus globulus, a favorite species in Italy). In just seven years the tree was already 19 m high and 1,5 meters in circumference.

However, it must be said that eucalypts suffer in our latitudes from winter cold and from severe frosts immediately after a warm and humid time. This happened in 1950, when on the Black Sea coast in January, after a warm and damp December, severe frosts were immediately struck. Eucalyptus has already started to grow, throwing out new branches and leaves and having absorbed huge amounts of moisture. They could not stand the January cold and froze.

Eucalypts are excellent soil dehumidifiers; on a significant space around these "self-acting pumps", continuously raising the soil water to their high crowns, the water does not stagnate in the pools and does not allow the mosquito larvae to divorce. For this in all warm countries, eucalyptus not in vain enjoy the good reputation of "anti-fever" trees. They have already managed to save a huge number of human forces and lives.

Eucalyptus is one of the most valuable gifts of flora. Heavy, dense wood is distinguished by its exceptional strength. Eucalypts provide a lot of valuable material for tanning, therapeutic Eucalyptus oil.