Movement of the hands of the body when walking

Why does the hand move the body when walking or when, for example, do we run? After all, excess traffic is an empty expenditure of energy, associated only with the action of internal forces that do not affect the speed of motion? Why, after all, does this benefit? How does the movement of the hands affect the running speed, what is the mechanism of this influence?

Why does the hand move the body when walking or when, for example, do we run?

What does the right foot of the runner do, which is repelled by the left foot from the treadmill? It turns out that the athlete does not just transfer it, but energetically moves forward to push harder. Each leg is about a fifth of the body by weight. Therefore, there is a moment of strength, striving to turn the trunk towards the foot, that is forward. To prevent this from happening, the right hand is vigorously retracted and almost completely straightened at the elbow. As a result, another force moment acts on the trunk, the opposite of the one that arises from the movement of the foot. Active retraction of the arm back helps to fight with rollover of the body forward.

All this applies to walking: with her, too, you have to deal with the corners of the body. It must be defused. Here we have the movements of the arms of the body when walking.

The movement of the hands when walking, causing the appearance of reactive forces applied to the body, facilitates the setting of the legs along a straight line: if the hands are immobile, then the feet step on the rails: two parallel straight ones.

When walking, you have to carry the weight towards the supporting leg, while the center of gravity of the body of the walking person moves not straight, but along a smooth curve. To avoid jiggling of the body, you have to strain additional muscle groups, counteract the rotational movements of the body around the vertical axis - hence the noticeable stiffness of the gait and fatigue.

So, by moving the arms of the body while walking, we can increase the frequency and length of the steps - go faster. This avoids noticeable rocking of the body from side to side. Therefore, the military and athletes vigorously waving their hands while walking.