Gulliver's names and lilliput names

There are such geographical names that are even difficult to read, not to remember. There are gulliver's names and lilliput names. They are usually written in one word, sometimes consisting of dozens of letters or one letter.

There are gulliver's names and lilliput names. They are usually written in one word, sometimes consisting of dozens of letters or one letter

The name-gulliver can be found, for example, on the map of Massachusetts (USA). There is a small lake, whose name consists in the English transcription - 43 letters. Judge for yourself: Chartoggagoggmancauggagoggchaubungagungaugg. Translated from the Indian language, this means: "I will fish on this side, you will catch on that side, but in the middle no one catches anything." This is an agreement between two Native American tribes that once lived on its shores.

In the UK, you will be able to meet another name-gulliver - Llanfirpulguguiguiggoerikudribulaantisiliogogogok. It is a small railway station in Wales. The name is translated from the Welsh language as "a church in a low valley, covered with white hazel, near a river with a whirlpool near the cave of St. Tisilio". It is said that a clever name-gulliver was invented in the past by some ingenious joker to glorify his small, unremarkable village.

In New Zealand, you can find an even longer name-gulliver of a village in the North Island: Taumatavhakatangihangakkoautomateaturpukakapikiki mungahoronukupokaiwenuakitanatah. Translated from the local Maori language, it means: "the place where Tamatea, a man with long shins, a famous horoscope, who moved mountains, climbed them and swallowed them, played the flute for his beloved".

Probably the longest among the names-gulliver is the name of the capital of Thailand - Bangkok. The full local name-gulliver totals as many as 147 (!) letters and means: "The great city of angels, the supreme receptacle of divine treasures, a great land that can not be conquered, a great and prosperous kingdom, a magnificent and wonderful capital of nine precious stones, the place where the greatest And there is a large palace, a dwelling of gods, capable of reincarnating in the spirits".

If the names-gullivers are multi-letter strings, some opposite names are directly unsurpassed in their laconicism. These are the names of the Lilliputians.

For example, the name-Lilliput A is also a river in the Netherlands, Germany, a small town on the Lofot Islands of Norway, as well as in France, Denmark and Sweden. There are two small towns with the name-Lilliput I - one located in the north of France, and the other on the west coast of Finland. E - this name has a town in Belgium and one of the ports of Burma. In the Carolinas in the Pacific Ocean you can visit the town, which is called U.