"The flying Dutchman"

Published January 02, 2017

The flying Dutchman

The fact that with the ocean to be trifled with, we can learn from the mysterious and tragic stories, which from time to time played on the world's oceans. "The flying Dutchman" ghost ship, found in the boundless expanse of ocean so far. They suddenly appear and then dissolve like mist in the ocean...

The Galapagos Islands

Published March 08, 2017

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands can be found in the eastern Pacific Ocean, right under the equator, at a distance of thousands of kilometers from the coast of the South American republic of Ecuador, where they belong. The archipelago consists of 16 volcanic islands area of 7800 square km. For the first time the name of the Galapagos introduced in 1574, the Dutch cartographer Abraham Ortelius...

Gulliver's names and lilliput names

Published May 07, 2017

Gulliver's names and lilliput names

There are such geographical names that are even difficult to read, not to remember. There are gulliver's names and lilliput names. They are usually written in one word, sometimes consisting of dozens of letters or one letter. The name-gulliver can be found, for example, on the map of Massachusetts (USA). There is a small lake...

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