Cockroaches are sometimes found in deposits of 280-300 million years ago. Bloch, found in amber, with its forty-million-year history - it's just a teenager in comparison with a cockroach.

Cockroaches are sometimes found in deposits of 280-300 million years ago

Giant horsetails and tree-like ferns, in dense thickets of which dwelt ancient cockroaches, have disappeared, but now in the rainforests still live innumerable "wild" cockroaches. Several species of cockroaches became human cohabitants. They invaded houses, preferring wet and dark places: in kitchens, in bakeries, breweries, in warm storerooms, in greenhouses. Hiding in cracks and deepenings, cockroaches expect the onset of darkness, and then go in search of food. They pounce on all the delicious, although their taste is not like ours.

It is known that cockroaches eat not only vegetables and bread, chocolate and sugar, honey and fat, but all kinds of kitchen scum, both fresh and foul. Do not disdain cockroaches with pepper, ink and even shoe cream. If the food is good, and the apartment is convenient for them, they multiply at a catastrophic rate and become a real disaster, not only because of the destruction of food supplies, but because of their abhorrent habits. Cockroaches creep everywhere, everyone steals and all pollute with their secretions. In addition, cockroaches emit a nauseating smell. To do this, they have glands secreting secret, which their sense of smell, perhaps, perceive as a pleasant perfume.

Cockroaches are wonderful runners. A distance of one kilometer they overcome in an hour. Usually they do not need to do such a run, just a few seconds - and cockroaches in cover. Eggs the female cockroach lays in a tight package. Black cockroaches lay their capsules and do not care about them anymore. Red cockroaches wear capsules in the back of the abdomen for three or four weeks, until the eggs are ripe. If cockroaches have settled in the house, you need to carefully close all the cracks in the walls and in the floor, near the pipes. It is very important to maintain cleanliness, carefully clean up the crumbs, the remains of food. These are the main conditions for preventing the growth of cockroaches.

True, these animals are associated and one entertainment person - cockroach runs, which were popular at the beginning of the last century.