Phipps treasures

Archaeologists - both professional and amateur - always want to find something outstanding. And not less than the findings of Schliemann and Carter. That person was William Phipps. At the end of the 17th century, Phipps found the treasures of the sunken Spanish galleon, which are now known as the Phipps treasures. The history of searching and raising from the bottom of the Phipps treasure is what we want to describe in this article.

That person was William Phipps. At the end of the 17th century, Phipps found the treasures of the sunken Spanish galleon, which are now known as the Phipps treasures

William Phipps from childhood dreamed of finding sea treasures. By his time, the New World had been plundering all sorts of expeditions and campaigns for two centuries. But the great part of the loot remained in the ocean - along the way galleons with jewels sank from storms and pirates. Sunken treasures did not give rest to William Phipps. He was engaged in smuggling and in every possible way tried to find some information about sunken treasures. And fate smiled at him. On the island of Espanella, he saw two guys beating the old man. Courageous Phipps defended the victim and began to question the cause of this incident. The old man told him a secret.

Ottavio - that was the name of the old man - served as the helmsman in the Spanish galleon "Nuestra senora de la Cansepsion". The ship jumped on the reefs near the Bahamas and sank. Together with him, untold treasures, exported from Peru, Mexico, Colombia, went under water. Few sailors managed to escape. Understanding that Ottavio himself could not find the treasure any more, he handed over a map indicating the exact place of the ship's death.

Phipps realized that this enterprise is difficult and risky. The seas of those times were dominated by pirates, so the preparation of treasure hunting was conducted in complete secrecy. In addition, a search expedition of this magnitude is not cheap. And Phipps went straight to the English King Charles II. He believed the young man and gave him the frigate and command. Dropping anchor in the place indicated on the map, Phipps and the team looked out for the remains of the galleon at the bottom. But they were not. Time of searches came to an end, as well as stocks of provisions. How to return to the king? But the old king died, and his heir, Jacob the Second, did not even want to meet Phipps.

Treasures of Phipps waited for their master for some time - until the Duke of Albermarsky decided to help him, having gained support from King James. Of course, with a dream, too, something to get. And September 12, 1686 a new expedition consisting of two ships under the command of William Phipps goes to the southwest in search of treasure. Oh here again the Bahamas. The hired Indians-diving again do not find anything! And so it passes day after day. The expedition ends, Phipps is in despair. He angrily cuts one of the corals with an ax, taken out onto the deck by divers. And from a small chest enclosed in a coral, gold and silver coins! And here already divers take corals of correct geometric form from water. Phipps Treasures are found! And he himself with the help of a diving bell finds a sunken galleon at a depth of about 15 meters. It was covered with corals and resembled a reef, even experienced seamen could not see the outline of the surface of the water.

Treasures of Phipps numbered a lot of gold, silver and coins. The production grew, as did the dissatisfaction of the team - the search was conducted for more than two months, the food ran out, the water spoiled. In addition, there were uninvited guests on a small boat. The conversation took place in the spirit of those times - the cannons of the main ship of the expedition "Yakov and Mary" sent them directly to the Phipps treasures under the water. The captain asked the team to work. And came another find from the treasures of Phipps - a huge chest with gold jewelry, diamonds, emeralds and even crystal glasses. All at once decided to continue the search. But further to penetrate into the holds of the galleon it was not possible. True, Phipps' treasures were impressive enough without it.

The expedition returned to London on June 6, 1687. Treasures of Phipps were found! He was the hero of the day! Having received his "tithing", King James II awarded William the knighthood. All crew members also received their share of Phipps treasure. In addition, he was appointed Governor of Massachusetts, Maine and Nova Scotia.

But in new posts, William Phipps ran aground - after the battle lost to the French under Quebec, with debts and numerous enemies, he ended his life in prison. And he was only 44 years old. Despite this, the Phipps treasures laid the foundation for successful searches in the underwater world.