Entropy is a certain magnitude, the increase in which irreversible processes (eg, in the conversion of mechanical energy into heat) represents the portion of body energy, which can no longer perform useful work and dissipates in the environment as heat.

Entropy is widely used in the natural and exact sciences, the term

Entropy is widely used in the natural and exact sciences, the term. For the first time introduced in the framework of thermodynamics as a function of the state of a thermodynamic system, which determines the measure of irreversible energy dissipation. In statistical physics, entropy is a measure of the probability of realization of a macroscopic state. In the theory of information entropy is a measure of the uncertainty of an experiment (Test), which may have different outcomes, and hence the amount of information. In a broad sense in which the word is often used in everyday life, entropy is a measure of disorder in a system; the smaller elements of the system are subject to any order, the higher the entropy.

"All, what takes place in the infinite space, the flow of transient time dominates energy, like a queen or a goddess, illuminating with its light and blade of grass in the field, and the man of genius, is giving, there robbing, but retained the overall quantity unchanged ... But where light, there is shadow, the name of which - entropy. Looking at her, you can not suppress a vague fear - entropy as an evil demon trying to belittle or completely destroy all the beauty that creates a bright demon - energy. All of us are under the Energy protection and all are given to the victim to poison, which conceals entropy... the amount of energy is constant, the entropy is growing, discounting energy quality..."

In the middle of the 19th century scientist R. Clausius stated inevitable heat death of the universe, that shocked the public at that time.

But if the entropy will win? It's hard to say what will happen in reality, but is likely to heat death to coincide with the contraction of the universe, which, according to recent data, can occur after a flowing extension.

It is comforting that the entropy will win very, very long time.