About mountain sickness

The people of the mountain do not quite correctly estimate and measure the height by their meters... After all, the meters do not say anything about mountain sickness, when it, for example, can begin. It is only from the position of geography that the formal height of the mountains above sea level is correct. Scientists have proposed a new scale of reference. Its main unit was the effective height meter...

Not quite correctly assess the people of the mountain and measure the height of their meters, because the meters do not say anything about mountain sickness

The first signs of mountain sickness in various mountainous countries appear at different heights. The Alps have 2500-3000 m, in the Caucasus 3000-5000 m, Tien Shan - more than 4000 m. In different places, except for this, with mountain climbing mountain sickness proceeds in different ways. It depends on temperature, humidity and their sharp changes day and night, from high solar radiation, strong winds, in addition, from the presence of snow and ice, electrification of the atmosphere, etc. But with which of the factors is the appearance of the first symptoms of mountain sickness? After reviewing many climatic indicators, scientists introduced, so-called, the complex coefficient of continental climate, which takes into account the annual and daily temperature amplitudes, as well as humidity. On the graph, where the values of the coefficient of continental climate were plotted on the abscissa and the altitude of the mountain sickness on the ordinate axis, the relationship turned out to be rectilinear. Knowing the coefficient of continental climate, therefore, it is possible to determine from the graph the height at which the manifestation of mountain sickness should be expected. This, by the way, is necessary for building a map of sports and recreation zones in the mountains.

A new scale of measuring the height of the mountains will allow the most accurate consideration of the physiological capabilities of people and prevent the occurrence of mountain sickness.