Gagat (black amber). This is the name of the black stone, which is a type of coal. The hardness of the gagat is 2,5-3, density is about 1300-1400 kg/m3. After grinding, the gagat gets an intense shine and a deep black color. Large deposits of the gagat are in Siberia near the city of Cheremkhov.

Gagat (black amber). This is the name of the black stone, which is a type of coal

The formation of a gagat is associated with the transformation under the influence of metamorphism of wood buried in the sea ooze of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic deposits. Occurs in the form of separate accumulations, pieces in sandstones, marls, and also in layers of weakly metamorphosed stone and brown coals. Gagat is easily processed, well polished, acquiring a beautiful shine, thanks to which (especially in the East) is widely used for small jewelry articles, beads, rosaries and other products.

Gagat softens at a temperature of 200 degrees, and at 400 degrees it becomes viscous. This feature of the gagat is used for waste disposal. The fragments, crumbs, and sawdust remaining after processing are sintered together and obtained monolithic pieces of stone for carving. Amber is a similar property. Sometimes a dagger is found, like amber, on the seashore. Perhaps this also prompted the ancient Greeks to call the resinous variety of black coal black amber. The Greek word "gagatos" means black amber.

Gagat, like amber, is easily processed with steel tools. Even in the Bronze Age, combs, rings, bracelets and other ornaments were made from it. The same decorations are made in our days. Rough processing is carried out with the help of a saw, file and knife. After polishing the product is kept for two hours in water, wiped dry, wrapped in a soft cloth and placed in a dry place. Stone-cutters claim that after such exposure the gagat can be stored forever.

It is believed that bracelets from the gagat help with gout and cramps. Lithotherapists offer to do point massages with the help of gagat balls for the prevention of joint diseases. They argue that the plates of this stone, if you hold their 2-3 minutes in the palms, relieve nervous tension, relieve stress.