Amazonite belongs to the group of feldspars and is a variety of microcline. Opaque, the presence of lead ions in it gives the crystals a bright green color. Amazonite has a glass shine, easy to process.

Amazonite belongs to the group of feldspars and is a variety of microcline

Fig.1. Amazonite (Kola Peninsula and Southern Urals).

Amazonite is an ornamental stone. Other names are Amazonian stone, Amazonian spar. Currently, it is usually used for the manufacture of inexpensive jewelry, as well as various elements of the interior - caskets, ashtrays, vases, figurines. Well-formed crystals, occasionally found in the cavities of pegmatite veins (usually in intergrowths with dark quartz crystals), because of their aesthetic appeal and rarity, are a very popular and expensive collection material. Also used as a source (ore) of rubidium and cesium.

The name Amazonite is not associated with the Amazon River in South America. In its basin there is no amazonite. The origin of the name is quite different. According to legend, this stone was the mascot of belligerent Amazonian women who lived on the Black Sea coast and became famous for their daring military campaigns against neighboring countries. Of course, this is only a legend. However, it is in the lands where the Amazons supposedly dwelt that they find a lot of ancient Amazonite adornments. They are often found during excavations of ancient burial mounds from the Urals to the Don.

In general, in many cultures, amazonite is more or less related to the home and family hearth. The most traditional ornaments from amazonite are amulets, bringing happiness to the house. He is a wonderful assistant to women who have devoted themselves entirely to the family - the raising of children, the support of the husband, the management of the household. Amazonite helps people not self-confident. It relieves of complexes, relieves stress, increases vitality and efficiency.

Astrologers recommend Amazonite primarily to people born under the sign of Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. But Sagittarius this stone is not recommended.