Sounding stones

In France, in Brittany, there are sounding stones Guild. They all consist of an amphibole. The length of the largest of the sounding stones is 6,5 meters, and in the girth it has 7 meters, so the approximate weight is about 75 tons. When striking about this stone, he publishes sound, similar to a ringing a large bell, in the tone of "mi" of the second octave. Neighboring sounding stones also sound, but not so much, and their tone is uncertain.

In France, in Brittany, there are sounding stones Guild

Interestingly, the coast of Brittany sounding stones are not rare. Fishermen very quickly determine that such and such a stone will sound, but there is no such stone. Sounding stones differ in gray silver color, "mute" is much darker. The latter, by the way, contains much less iron, that, probably, also serves as the reason of that they do not sound at impact.

In the American state of Pennsylvania, near the Delaware River, there are so-called ringing rocks, or sounding stones. The place is called Upper Black Eddy, and in the east of Pennsylvania there are a lot of them and you can, perhaps, even talk about a giant complex of phenomena. The most famous sounding stones are located in the Bucks County, they are called the Garden of Stones, and in Bridgeton Township - just Ringing Rocks. There are such rocks near Pottstown, in Franklin County, where they are called the Ring of the Devil. In these places, sounding stones ring like bells, but singing them are called because they can pick up fragments in the timbre and tap on them melodies with wooden sticks. Ringing and sounding stones have different shapes and sizes - from small pebbles to huge uneven blocks weighing several tons. Their reddish-brown color differs from the color of standing nearby, but not ringing, rocks, although they all have one geological age and consist of one rock - diabase.

Sounding stones are in Kazakhstan, China, Kalmykia and even in the Sahara...