"Voice of the Sea"

Today, scientists of all developed countries are very biased studying the waters of the oceans and all the phenomena associated with it. This is facilitated by the rapid development of technology and research methods. The inexplicable phenomena associated with the disappearance of members of the crew of the courts at different points of the geographical map of our planet suggest that there is a so-called "voice of the sea". With increasing wind speed and wave amplitude, the intensity of the "voice of the sea", according to scientists, increases dramatically. The thing is that moving at a speed of about 330 meters per second, the infrasonic wave is far ahead of the movement of the hurricane that created it. When laboratory tests of the generator of infrasonic vibrations were carried out, the surrounding people suddenly felt very bad. They began to scream in pain. Based on a series of experiments, French scientists proved that infrasound is harmful to all living things. Weak infrasound affects the inner ear and causes seasickness, the middle one - disorder of digestive organs and brain, and sometimes blindness, strong - causes all internal organs - the stomach, lungs, heart to vibrate, eventually causing it to stop. French oceanologist Havre found that infrasound at a frequency of 7 hertz is lethal. In the ocean during a storm, sound is generated at a frequency of 6 hertz.

Studies have shown that the so-called voice of the sea extends over very significant distances

Studies have shown that the so-called "voice of the sea" extends over very significant distances. The ship can sail in a relatively calm sea and be caught in an infrasound front from the neighboring area where a storm has broken out. Even when the intensity of infrasound is less deadly, a wave of irrational horror and fear falls on the team members. This condition is enhanced if the hull and masts begin to vibrate strongly.

Apparently, it is at such moments that the command is able to leave the ship in a panic at the call of the “voice of the sea”. No wonder many courts find broken masts, while weather forecasters report the absence of strong winds in the area.

Not all scientists accept the theory of the impact of the “voice of the sea”, that is, infrasound on a person during sea voyages. For example, some argue that the power of infrasound, which is emitted by sea waves, is in fact many orders of magnitude less than the life-threatening one that can be created in artificial laboratory conditions. Therefore, they do not stand up to criticism of the statement that he may be a murderer. As for the desertion of some ships, history knows many cases when this happens for the most earthly reasons.

Well, perhaps the opponents of the theory of the "voice of the sea" are right, although they do not give their own reasons. But how then to explain the death of the teams "Urang Medan", "Ebiy Ess Hart" and "Marlborough"? Mass poisoning? Epidemic? Attacked by pirates? Whether this is so, further research will show, but for now we have to agree that we still know little about the phenomena occurring in the World Ocean, which, as you know, covers the large surface of our blue planet, including the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle associated with the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft.