Devil's tower

Devil's Tower - columnar rock (the so-called geological separation), reminiscent of a tower made up of stacked individual stone pillars, located in the state of Wyoming, USA. This mountain of unusually regular shape, which arose 200 million years ago, for a long time gave the impression of an artificial structure. But since the rock is larger in size than the Cheops pyramid 2,5 times (height 390 m, the width of the base is about the same), then the construction of the "tower" was more often prescribed not to the hands of man, but to the devil (hence the name). The Devil's Tower for a long time served as a subject of reverential worship and a source of fears among the local population, while affirming that strange light phenomena were repeatedly observed at the very top.

Devil's Tower - columnar rock (the so-called geological separation), reminiscent of a tower made up of stacked individual stone pillars, located in the state of Wyoming, USA

After the origin of the Devil's Tower was given a worthy explanation, this education became a desirable object for the filming of mystical and fantastic films. One of the later myths about the tower claims that at the very top of the almost unapproachable mountain there is supposedly a landing site for a UFO, which is reflected in the famous film of S. Spilberg "Close contacts of the third kind".

Due to the difficult conditions for climbing, climbers for the sake of sporting interest conquered the Devil's tower only twice: a local resident in the 19th century and a rock climber Jack Durrans in 1938. The plane can not get on top, and helicopters literally blow off the unceasing powerful wind at the top from a small platform, so the Devil's Tower was really considered almost impregnable.

Experienced skydiver George Hopkins did not appreciate the danger, hoping to become the third conqueror of the summit of the Tower of the Devil. The landing on the parachute was successful, but all the ropes that dropped him from the aircraft, from the impact on the rocks came into disrepair. The paratrooper became a prisoner of the Devil's Tower. The news spread throughout America. Crowds of tourists and onlookers surrounded the Devil's Tower, and the captive-television star was pouring out witticisms in live radio. Everyone liked the joke that he lacked only Eve, so that, if there was a flood down there, give rise to a new branch of mankind. Soon, dozens of aircraft circled the air, dropping free food and equipment provided by manufacturing companies for advertising purposes to Hopkins. Charter to dodge from falling objects, the paratrooper on the radio began to beg to stop the bombing, especially since most of the items still flew into the abyss. Despite the abundance of food, the forces quickly left the prisoner. To his horror it turned out that the impenetrable smooth granite rock was inhabited by rats, which every night became more insolent. A specially created rescue committee for Hopkins called for the rescue operation of an experienced climber Ernst Field and his partner Gorrell of Colorado. But climbers after an hour of visual reconnaissance and 3 hours of recovery were forced to return and give up further attempts.

It seemed incredible - professionals conquer the peaks of more than 8000 m in height, but are powerless before the height of the Devil's Tower at 390 m! Committee through the press began to look for D. Durrance, and only a day later he was found on the east coast in Dartmouth. Another day later he arrived and began to prepare for the ascent according to the old route known to him. Exactly at noon, the storm began, and although the top was clouded with fog, the mountaineers led by Durrance reached the top and on the climbing cradle they lowered the exhausted paratrooper. In total, Hopkins was a prisoner of the Devil's Tower for about a week.

It seems incredible, but at the beginning of the 21st century, when with the help of technology a person can reach almost anywhere on the planet, this small rock - the Devil's tower - remains closed to people. But for some reason not for rats...

From the book by V.Chernobrov "Encyclopedia of the mysterious places of the world".