Viewers and converters

Today all technical documentation is supplied in *.pdf format. To work with this format, there is a convenient free utility Acrobat Reader from Adobe. However, it is often necessary not only to view the document, but also to extract the text and/or image from it. For this purpose, the easiest way is to use the appropriate utility, for example PDF2Word.

Today all technical documentation is supplied in *.pdf format. To work with this format, there is a convenient free utility Acrobat Reader from Adobe

In addition, at present, almost every user works with media information, which most often requires a whole set of viewers: one for pictures, another for video, and a third for listening to music. However, it is more convenient to replace all these programs with one universal one, for example, MegaView, which is considered the leader in this software class, or alternatively choose some free application, for example IrfanView. All of these programs run under Windows.

Adobe Reader (known as Acrobat Reader) is a popular PDF viewing and printing program that is essential because a significant number of files downloaded from the Internet are now in PDF format.

Acrobat Reader supports the playback of embedded QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, Real and Windows Media files, printing documents over wireless networks, and a number of other enhancements.

PDF2Word is a handy and simple utility designed to export images and text from a PDF file to a Word document in *.rtf format. To convert a PDF file, just open it, and when PDF2Word finishes working, a copy of the exported file will appear in the same folder, but in RTF format.

MegaView allows you to view not only pictures, video and sound, but also other files, supporting a total of over 100 different formats. In addition to viewing files, MegaView provides many editing functions. For graphics, these are rotation, scaling, adding text, applying special effects, removing red-eye, correcting photos. You can edit not only graphics, but also a number of office formats, such as DOC and XLS. In addition, the program allows you to perform various operations with files (rename, copy, delete, archive files directly to CD or DVD, etc.) and create Web-albums based on a series of built-in templates.

IrfanView is a compact and at the same time powerful utility for viewing files in over fifty graphic formats, as well as the most common audio and video formats. IrfanView has many benefits. The program has basic graphics editing tools (rotation, scaling, working with a palette and using plugins), you can convert files from one format to another, take screenshots from the screen and screensavers for the desktop. The program also provides slideshow and thumbnail display modes, as well as the function of pulling icons out of *.exe and *.dll files. In addition, the capabilities of the program can be significantly expanded through a series of plugins.