Talegal inhabits the forests of Australia. It's pretty much similar to a turkey, a bird. While all birds are hatching eggs, talegal enjoy homemade incubator, which builds the nest instead.

Talegal inhabits the forests of Australia

Does this male. Talegal rakes in a pile of different crop residues as long until a bump about 1 meter high and several meters across. I wonder what makes it talegal only in wet weather.

Crude foliage and branch, gathered into a pile, it starts to rot, rot, and the inside becomes as warm as in the tangle of rotten hay. The temperature reaches about 35 degrees. Talegala female lays eggs and buries them in a pile of about half a meter deep.

And what makes a male?.. Every morning talegal rake nest and egg wraps of damp earth, which absorbs the excess heat. Talegal wiggles land in the nest, to refresh him. Consequently, in the slot boundaries in the temperature range of 5 degrees. Chicks are displayed there, as in the present incubator.