Ginseng is relict plant is covered with legends, verses about it, books written. Its Latin name is panako - which means "cure for all diseases". Ginseng is called "the root of life", "the gift of immortality", "holy grass". Information on its broad therapeutic effect can be found in the Chinese medicine, written 2-3 thousand years ago. And today there is no person who does not know about the miraculous properties of ginseng.

Ginseng is relict plant is covered with legends, verses about it, books written

Ginseng - a low (40-70 cm) perennial herbaceous plant of the Araliev family. His age can reach 100 years or more. Ginseng blooms in July, for 10-11th year in natural conditions and for 3-4 years in culture. In August-September, fruits are ripening - fleshy bright red berries. At this time, you can harvest and the root of ginseng. Ginseng very much exhausts the soil, so it can be planted again not earlier than in ten years. Since it is a very shade plant, all plantations are covered with canopies that do not exceed 20-30 percent of the sun's rays.

Ginseng grows in the Far East, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krai. The reserves of wild ginseng have been small before, now they are completely depleted. Therefore, this plant is listed in the "Red Book" and is grown on plantations in Primorye, the Caucasus. We learned how to grow this capricious plant and some gardeners on the household plots. In China and Korea, ginseng has been cultivated for more than a hundred years, later it appeared in the United States, and then in 1910 in Russia. The natural roots of ginseng weighing 100-200 grams are a rarity. In medicine, the ginseng root is used together with the rhizome.

Ginseng increases the efficiency and general resistance of the body to diseases and adverse environmental effects. Its drugs are characterized by a great breadth of therapeutic effect, do not cause harmful side effects and can be used for a long time. In Korea and China, ginseng root is also used in cooking. Eastern medicine claims that preparations of ginseng contribute to the prolongation of life and youth.

Ginseng is shown to adults as a stimulant for mental and physical stress, arterial hypotension, neuroses, neurasthenia, neurocirculatory dystonia according to the hypotonic type, asthenia of various etiology, convalescence after the transferred diseases.