Plants of laughter, taste and appetite

It turns out that there are plants of laughter, taste and appetite. It's hard to believe that a person's laughter can contain plants! But it is so. In the Arabian Peninsula, plants grow in Asia, which are called "laughter flowers". The fruits of these plants are black grains the size of a pea - capable of causing a person a prolonged fit of laughter and laughter for 30-50 minutes, after which the person falls asleep. The local population uses "laughter plants" for toothaches.

It turns out that there are plants of laughter, taste and appetite

In the tropical thickets of the African country of Nigeria plants grow, the red berries of which are the sweetest of all known in the world. They are 1500 times sweeter than sugar and 400 times - than saccharin. Scientists believe that growing this plant could make a revolution in the sugar industry of the world.

Another extremely interesting plants with red berries are found in the forests of tropical Africa. The berries of these plants are harvested from bushes that have received the scientific name of synepalum dulcificum. The juice of these berries contains some unknown substance, which has an amazing property to change the taste. If you eat several of these small berries before eating, some miracles will immediately begin to develop with your taste: the sour food will seem sweet to you, and the sugar will be bitter. After consuming such berries, even sour lemon will become sweeter than an orange!

And here are some other unusual plants. Their leaves interrupt their appetite. This is kalir-kanda. They grow in India. A man, no matter how hungry he was, chewing one or two leaves of this plant, feels full. Members of the caste "inviolable", who often have to resort to this ersatz, even nicknamed him "cheat stomach". Over the observations of scientists, if you eat a few leaves of this plant, you lose your appetite even for a whole week. At the same time, the body will draw energy from its own reserves, while burning fat that is hated by many. It is worth mentioning that for the Hindus, these plants are not a panacea for losing weight, but on the contrary, the opportunity to feel at least a false satiety. Doctors believe that foliage, tablets or tinctures of foliage kalir-canda should be recommended to patients who wish to get rid of excess weight.