Bloody tears

Strangely enough, after reading the title of the article "bloody tears", most people will immediately think of the miracle of tear icons, most of them - the Theotokos. However, it turns out, and people can cry bloody tears. And today there are several such people on our planet.

Strangely enough, after reading the title of the article bloody tears, most people will immediately think of the miracle of tear icons, most of them - the Theotokos

In 2009, the Indian girl Rashida Hutun from the city of Patna cried. And what is it - are you surprised? Little girls cry... True, those who saw her at that moment crying, screamed in horror - Tears Rashida were bloody. Immediately appealed to the doctors. They confirmed that the blood is real, and there were no such diseases or mental causes of such tears. A girl can cry bloody tears several times a day, and she does not have any unpleasant sensations. And where science can not explain anything, mysticism comes - bloody tears were declared the gift of the gods, the girl immediately became "holy", pilgrims were drawn to her, of course - with gifts...

As it turned out, this is not the only case of bloody tears, studied by scientists. In 2002, the world press received a similar message about the 23-year-old student Hindu Mujahu from the town of Mascar, which is in Algeria. The doctors recognized the girl as healthy, but could not explain anything. True, the bloody tears of Hindu Mujah are accompanied by attacks of vomiting and photophobia. Not having received help from science, the Muslim girl is going to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, where she hopes to be cured of such an unpleasant illness.

And again we will return to India - at Hindi Twinkle Divedi bloody tears are only part of an unexplained disease. Her blood flows not only from the eyes, but also from the nose, neck, heels. This often forces the girl to transfusion. True, here the religious Hindus explained this not as a divine gift, but as a demonic manifestation. And often a bloody girl on the street hears words of curse in her address, and several times she was thrown with stones.

In official science, the disease of bloody tears got its name - "hemolacria". It was this diagnosis that the 15-year-old American Calvin Inman received. And although the disease received the name, but the ways of its treatment in connection with an extreme rarity has not yet been developed.

Supplement to the bloody tears can be other, no less shocking, manifestations of crying. In 1996, throughout the Arab world, a message was reported about the girl Hasna Mohammed Meselmani from Lebanon - she was crying not with liquid but with hard tears in the form of transparent crystals! For the first time their girl felt like grains of sand in the eye. For a day there can be up to twenty such crystal-grains of sand. It is interesting that they are harder than glass, but they do not hurt the eye, since they are placed in the gel capsule. Scientists explain these tears with a disease - "cystinosis", when through the increased content of cystine in the blood and lymph it is thrown out of the body in the form of crystals. But Hasna herself does not want to agree with this. She claims that the illness appeared after meeting with a strange man on a white horse who told her that she was elected to fulfill the will of Allah. Similar "stone" tears "pour" from the eyes of the Indian Sasitra. And not only from the eyes - pebbles stand out both from the nose, and from the ears, and from the mouth. Again, the explanation of scientists is pragmatic - in the blood of a girl there is a very high calcium content.

How to explain these bloody tears? Miracle or disease? At the moment it's hard to say unequivocally. The only thing that can be said is that a person can cry not only with simple tears. And it is likely that again in some corner of our planet people will see the inexplicable - bloody tears.