Sausage tree

Sausage tree, or kigelia grows in equatorial Africa. This is a unique tree on which the original fruits grow. In the bazaars and in the villages you can often see the fruit of a sausage tree, similar to the outside of... ordinary liver sausages, up to 60 cm long. The local population makes extensive use of these vegetable sausages, but not for food, but for making various ornaments and tea utensils, cups and glasses. They also extract yellow paint. The painted empty fruits are suspended to the ceiling like amulets.

Sausage tree, or kigelia grows in equatorial Africa

A sausage tree with a dense crown, falling for a time of drought. It blooms in large red flowers, which are pollinated by birds with nectarines. Africans with the fruit of a sausage tree treat rheumatism, snake bites, syphilis. In addition, a low-alcohol beverage is made from fruits. Fresh fruits are poisonous and have a strong laxative effect. For eating, fruits are dried, fried or fermented.

In nature, a sausage tree is a fairly large tree: up to 10-12 meters high and with a wide crown - up to 6-9 meters. When growing, preferably full sun. Kigelia grows singly or in groups with other trees. During the hot dry period, it throws off the leaves, almost completely stopping the evaporation of precious water during this period, and with the advent of the rainy season, young foliage is again dressed. So the plant has adapted to the unfavorable dry season. The plant can withstand minor frosts. Therefore, it can be recommended for growing in winter gardens and well-lit halls.