Whales are known to man for a long time, but there was no exact information about their life. Therefore, they were considered to be huge fish. Only after the whaling began, people realized their mistake and realized that whales are not fish, but sea mammals. The whale has lungs, breathes air, gives birth to live small whales and feeds them with its milk. China can easily be drowned if it is not allowed to rise to the surface to replenish the air reserve.

Whales are known to man for a long time, but there was no exact information about their life

For their size, the whales are indeed very large. There are no large animals on the globe. Suffice it to say that a whale with a length of 22-23 m weighs approximately 70 tons, and the largest whites, blue or blue, reach 33 meters long and weigh up to 150 tons. The weight of one such whale is almost the same as 150 bulls, or 30 elephants - the largest modern animal sushi. To transfer such a giant, you need 15 large railway platforms.

Light blue whales can take up to 14000 liters of air in one breath! Whales are born weighing up to 6 tons (so many two big elephants weigh) and 7-8 meters long. During the milk diet, they drink about 20 buckets of mother's milk every day, adding 90-100 kg in weight and increasing by 3-4 cm. Already after two years the young whale reaches the size of an adult.

A man has long been hunting whales, extracting fat, meat and whale from them. From the whale meat and bones produce flour for fattening cattle, fertilizer for the fields, medicinal preparations, etc.

How and what do adult whales eat? First of all, it should be said that no whale can easily swallow large fish. Only single whales - sperm whales can eat large fish.

Moustached whales, to which most of the whales belong, feed on small crustaceans. These crustaceans are found in huge numbers in the polar waters of the southern and northern hemispheres. Places where most of these crustaceans are called whale feeding fields, or whale soup. Here every spring, whales swim for fattening. Whales eat a huge number of crustaceans. After all, just to have a light breakfast, a whale needs a ton - one and a half of these crustaceans.

A special place among the whales is occupied by relatively small whales - toothy. These are the so-called killer whales, or, as they are sometimes called, killer whales. For peaceful and mostly harmless whales, killer whales are as terrible and dangerous as wolves for sheep flocks. True, large whales kill killer whales. In the early spring, large whales start moving from warm waters to Antarctica, to feeding fields. Therefore, near the shores Antarctica whaling flotillas of different countries are fishing. Hunting for whales is also in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean.