Solar storm

Everyone knows the concept of solar storms. But with the increase in solar activity, these storms turn into a solar storm, which has repeatedly swept over our planet. Head of NASA Richard Fisher said that another such solar storm is expected in 2013 during the peak of solar activity, and the flow of particles and radiation can cause a technogenic catastrophe on Earth - the power lines will fail, satellite communications and radio communication will be interrupted, broken air traffic, computer networks. Estimating the economic losses for the United States will exceed the losses caused by Hurricane Katrina by 20 times. And a solar storm can last for several months!

Everyone knows the concept of solar storms

The frequency of the appearance of moderate and strong solar storms on the Earth has a clear correlation with the 11-year cycle of solar activity: at an average frequency of about 30 storms per year, their number can be 1-2 storms per year near the solar minimum and reach 50 storms per year near the solar maximum. This means that in the years of the solar maximum, mankind lives up to 50% of the time of the year in conditions of solar storms, and in its 75-year life the average person lives in a storm of a total of 2250 storms or about 15 years. The distribution of geomagnetic storms by their intensity has a rapidly declining character in the region of high intensities, and therefore the extremely strong solar storms in the history of their measurement were comparatively small.

But, the anxiety of scientists is not in vain. Technogenic civilization, which introduced electricity to life, has already been exposed to such storms more than once. In 1859, the solar storm Carrington, named after the English astronomer who discovered it, put the telegraph out of action. On March 13, 1989, another solar storm changed the Earth's electromagnetic field, which caused the destruction of transformer installations in Quebec, New Jersey and the United Kingdom, and in October 2003 in Sweden and the Republic of South Africa.

Technogenic civilization, which introduced electricity to life, has already been exposed to such storms more than once

Is the collapse so inevitable? Representatives of NASA and the US Electric Power Research Institute have developed a "Solar Shield" project to protect transformer plants. This shield will be a system of special switches that cut off transformers, when a solar storm hits, which will protect the power supply systems of our planet.

The solar storm is an important element of space weather and affects many areas of human activity. It also affects the health and well-being of people. Sharp disputes caused in due time a question on influence of solar activity on occurrence of accidents and traumatism on transport and in manufacture. The section of biophysics studying the effect of changes in the activity of the Sun and the perturbations caused by terrestrial magnetosphere on terrestrial organisms is called heliobiology. Some people begin to react to the solar storm 1-2 days before it, that is, at the moment of flares on the Sun.