Search for extraterrestrial civilizations

Search for extraterrestrial civilizations attracts the attention of not only professionals, but also a wider range of people. What is the point, first of all, of searching for extraterrestrial civilizations? Probably studying this problem, we try to get to know ourselves better.

Search for extraterrestrial civilizations attracts the attention of not only professionals, but also a wider range of people

It may seem that the data almost unequivocally testify to the prevalence of extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe. First, if living organisms originated in the process of evolution on our planet, it is logical to assume that they can arise on other planets. Secondly, carbon, which forms the chemical basis of living matter, is a very common element in the universe. Finally, thirdly, it is established that in the clouds of gas and dust that fill interstellar space, a synthesis of complex organic molecules occurs, from which a living substance can be built.

In reality, everything is much more complicated. When forming planets, organic molecules formed in outer space are likely to collapse. Therefore, it is necessary that on the planet formed its prebiological compounds. But how does the inanimate become alive in nature? This is the most significant issue faced by the search for extraterrestrial civilizations.

Of particular interest is the search for radio transmitters of extraterrestrial civilizations. Over the past decade, radio surveys of various parts of the starry sky have been conducted. However, it was not possible to detect any cosmic radio broadcast of artificial origin. Some scientists believe that the creation of a very powerful radio transmitter by an extraterrestrial civilization would require enormous amounts of energy, which would jeopardize its very existence.

If we assume that there are many extraterrestrial civilizations in the Universe, then due to the unevenness of their development they must have different scientific and technical capabilities. There must be civilizations from us stragglers and us ahead of us. In addition, there must exist at least a few "supercivilizations" that have mastered enormous energy resources. Such "super-civilization" scientists could not not find. But they are not found, so there are no "super civilizations". Therefore, there are no extraterrestrial civilizations.

Some scientists suggest that extraterrestrial civilizations do not show themselves for other reasons. Just at the earliest stage of the evolution of the expanding universe, there were no stars, no planets, no molecules. All these objects were formed much later. Thus, the conditions necessary for the formation of living structures have developed in the universe only at a certain stage of its evolution. Therefore, life arose almost simultaneously on various cosmic worlds. Consequently, extraterrestrial civilizations, which have considerably outstripped us in their development, simply do not exist.

With such considerations one can agree or disagree, but the problem of finding extraterrestrial civilizations remains open. In the same aspect, the so-called problem of contacts, that is, the exchange of information with extraterrestrial civilizations, should also be considered.