Jasper is a dense siliceous rock. It is opaque. The origin of its name is lost in the depths of centuries. It could have come from the Greek jasper, the Persian jasper or other analogues. In nature it occurs in the form of massive formations. Depending on the place of extraction, jasper often have specific names. Thus, the Nukirchner jasper, having a grayish-brown color, is mined in the area of the city of Idar-Oberstein (Germany), an orchid jasper, also known as landscape or fortification, is being developed in the Orsk area (Ural Mountains).

Jasper is a dense siliceous rock. It is opaque

Fig. 1. Figure jasper.

The richness of the pattern and color, strength and mirror polish determined a varied use of jasper. It is used in the construction and cladding of buildings and structures. For example, in Moscow jasper can be seen as a facing material in the metro. In the Kremlin's Annunciation Cathedral it has mosaic floors and some details of architecture. Candelabras and floor lamps, columns and fireplaces, table tops and vases, caskets and carvings, smoking and writing instruments, Russian mosaics and inserts in jewelry - this is far from a complete list of the application of this gem. In recent decades, jasper, due to its strength, has begun to play a significant role in engineering. Of non-decorative jasper, shafts are made for processing leather, mortar and much more.

The jasper of the Nuruzovsky deposit is very beautiful

Fig. 2. Jasper Korgon and products from it.

In Russia, the discovery of deposits of jasper, products of which received world recognition, occurred in the 17-19 centuries. The most famous is the Urals jasper. At the Auskul deposit, it has a gray-yellow, yellowish-white, black, red, grayish-blue color. But especially beautiful jasper ivory, decorated with an admixture of manganese, which "draws" on the stone plant twigs. At the Staromuinakovskoye deposit, wax, chintz, banded-spotted jasper forms a complex pattern of violet-red and other colors. The jasper of the Nuruzovsky deposit is very beautiful. Dark-cherry, dark-red colors alternate with dark green, gray and others.

Jasper in each new sample has a new cut - its own picture

Pic. 3. Jasper landscape.

Jasper Altai is also widely known. Its decorativeness made it possible to perform masterpieces of artistic products in the pre-revolutionary period at the Kolyvanskaya grinding and Peterhof granulating factories. They are installed, like products from the Urals jasper, in the Winter Palace. The pattern on the products is created by alternating multicolored strips parallel to each other or forming very weird interlaces.

Jasper in each new sample has a new cut - its own picture. And in each of them aesthetic pleasure is given not by the colors themselves, but by the combinations of colors, their overflows, the harmony of the stone, in which the harmony of the world is expressed.