Freshwater lake

Find the small country of Nicaragua on the geographic map of North America. In the center of it you will see a lake of the same name. The lake is like a lake. Meanwhile, this freshwater lake is very interesting and unusual. Great for the scale of this country, located at a height of 30 m above sea level, it reaches almost 160 km long and 70 km wide.

Meanwhile, this freshwater lake is very interesting and unusual

In the fresh waters of this lake live... sea fish, even sharks! A real natural freshwater aquarium!

It is established that at one time this freshwater lake was a deep-water bay Pacific Ocean. During one of the geological local catastrophes, it was cut off from the ocean, and all the living things that were presently here were trapped. Thanks to the numerous rivers, which used to come here earlier, the salinity of the water in it began to gradually decrease. When the freshwater lake of Nicaragua reached a modern level, it again connected with the ocean, but this time a river. Only not with the Quiet, but Atlantic Ocean. The river was called San Juan. She gradually took out the salt from the lake, which remained in it from the sea past. The transformation of the salt lake into freshwater took place quite slowly, and its oceanic animal kingdom had enough time to adapt to the new conditions of life.

The freshwater lake of Nicaragua is not one-of-a-kind on the globe. High in the Andes of South America, at an altitude of about 4000 m, there is a large practically freshwater lake Titicaca. It was also once a sea bay, as evidenced by the remains of the mole of an ancient ruined city, as well as the presence of marine animals, including sharks.

A similar freshwater oceanarium known on the island New Guinea. This lake is Sentani. It is located in the northern part of the island at an altitude of 150 m above sea level for 35 km from the sea coast. In its fresh water found sharks, fish-saw and other representatives of the kingdom of Neptune. Obviously, Sentani in the past was also connected to the ocean.

In Western Europe, such a freshwater lake with a unique marine fauna that has died out on the earth for another 25-30 million years, there is Lake Ohrid. It is located in the mountainous area of the Balkan Peninsula at an altitude of over 700 m above sea level.

A peculiar fragment of the sea is the freshwater lake Paleostomi, which is located on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus near the city of Poti. This former part of the sea bay was shielded from the sea and the sediments of Rioni and Inguri rivers were turned into a freshwater lake. The water in Paleostomi has long been fresh, but this has not at all harmed its marine population, which has adapted well to the new conditions of life.