Dogon tribe

For the first time, the Dogon tribe was discovered in 1931 by the French geographers M. Griol and J. Dieterlen. Dogons live on the banks of the Niger River of the Republic of Mali and like many other tribes in Africa, lag behind in their development. Not having their own written language, their knowledge is passed from generation to generation in legends or in the form of drawings. But the most interesting is that legends of the Dogon tribe contain very close to modern information about the structure of Universe. Who gave this knowledge to them?..

For the first time, the Dogon tribe was discovered in 1931 by the French geographers M. Griol and J. Dieterlen

Dogons know about the rotation of our planet around its axis "in a great circle": "permanent stars are those that revolve around other stars, and planets and their satellites are stars that turn and form circles. "They also know about the planets Solar System, especially about such as Jupiter and Saturn. In their drawings Jupiter Dogon is depicted as a large ring around which four small rings are arranged, thus showing four of its large companions, and Saturn has two concentric rings, as in reality. But the satellites of Jupiter and rings of Saturn can be seen only when help telescope, about the very existence of which the Dogon race even not suspect.

The Dogon tribe also has an amazing knowledge about Sirius (at Dogon Sigitolo) - the brightest star of our sky. All that modern science has learned about this star in recent decades, the Dogon tribe has known for a long time! For example, the composition of small stars from the "suite" of Sirius, consisting of a very heavy nuclear substance.

In addition, the Dogon tribe has information about 226 different constellations of our sky and a fairly modern knowledge of biology and nuclear physics. But who "gave" Dogon such information? Could it be that thousands of years ago our planet was visited by space aliens from the Sirius system, or did the Dogons once contact other more advanced tribes?

The English scientist Robert Temple believes that the Dogon tribe may have borrowed their amazing knowledge from the fairly well-developed ancient people of the Garamonts, mentioned by Herodotus, whose kingdom stretched from the Atlas Mountains to the borders of Egypt. Perhaps these are their images abound in the mountains Tassili . This mysterious people did not leave behind many monuments in addition to the ancient ruins in the area to the north-east of the Libyan city of Murzuk and the underground water system under the Sahara, stretching 1600 km from Sebha in Libya to the oasis of Ghat near the Algerian border. It is believed that some part of the Garamanta migrated into the interior of the continent - on the Tibesti Highlands, where the same myths are encountered as in the Dogon. Perhaps the Garamanta were enlighteners of the Dogon? But who then transferred knowledge to the Garamantas?..