Robinson island

Reading the fascinating book by Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe", many are interested in the question of whether Robinson was in fact and where his island was. It turns out that the book was based on real events. Then, where is the real Robinson island?

It turns out that the book was based on real events. Then, where is the real Robinson island

At geographic map you can find a group of volcanic islands of Juan- Fernandez, which includes Mas-a-Tierra, Mas-a-Fouera and a small island of Santa Clara. These islands belong to Chile. The first of these is the famous island of Robinson. This island consists of two different parts: a low-lying western and mountainous east with El Yunke peak (930 m). The climate is mild, oceanic. The mountainous part of the island of Robinson is covered with forests, while the lowland is a typical savanna with palm groves and thickets of tree-like trees ferns.

It was here that on February 2, 1709, two British warship Duke and Duchess dropped their anchors. On the shore of the island, sailors met a very wild man. So after almost five years of stay on a deserted island, the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk met with his compatriots.

Alexander Selkirk was born in 1676 in the small Scottish village of Largo. Floating by a sailor on different seas and oceans, Selkirk often took part in the sea battles of those times. In May 1704, damaged by a storm, the ship of Captain Stredling, whose second assistant was Selkirk, anchored near the island of Mas-a-Tierra. Between Selkirk and the captain a quarrel arose, because of which Selkirk appeared on this deserted island. The sailor was left with a gun, an ax, a knife, a telescope, a blanket and some tobacco.

Having tamed wild goats, hunting sea turtles and fishing, he lived on the island for about five years, until English ships arrived by chance.

In 1712, Selkirk returned to his homeland. After a while, a small book appeared with the title: "Intervention Providence, or an unusual description of the adventures of Alexander Selkirk, written by his own hand".

But the real glory and immortality of Selkirk was brought by the famous book of Daniel Defoe, which was published in 1719. And although the book described the adventures of some Robinson, everyone immediately recognized him as Alexander Selkirk.

Interesting is not only the adventures of Selkirk-Robinson, but the very history of his island.

It turns out that Selkirk was not the first Robinson on Mas-a-Tierra. The first was Juan Fernandez himself. He lived here for several years, after which he returned to the mainland, leaving here the goats, which eventually bred and faded. Now they are hunted by the local population.

In the 1920s, 17th century. For a long time on the island of Robinson there were Dutch sailors. After them, a sailor found shelter here, who escaped from a sunken merchant ship. The next Robinson was an American William from Central America, left by English pirates. He lived on the island from 1680 to 1683.

In 1687 nine sailors landed for gambling to the island of Robinson, who lived here for three years. And after 14 years, Selkirk himself appeared on it.

For a long time, the island of Robinson was a favorite place of pirates. In 1715 the Spaniards built a small colony here, but it died from an earthquake.

In 1855 on the island of Robinson again a settlement of colonists. They engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, fishing and lobster fishing, and even built a small canning factory.

Later, the government of Chile renamed the island of Mas-a-Tierra to the island of Alexander Selkirk, and Mas-a-Fouera, - to the island of Robinson.