Underground ocean

How many oceans are there on the globe? Well, of course, four, - everyone will answer, and some will call also the fifth - air. However, there is another extraordinary underground ocean. On it you will not see a single wave, not a single ship. You will not even see the ocean itself, because its hydrogeologists have been discovered... under the West Siberian lowland.

However, there is another extraordinary underground ocean

The underground ocean has an approximate area of approximately 3 million square km. In this territory it would be possible to freely place the Barents, Caspian and three Black Sea. For scientists' calculations, the underground ocean holds over 65 thousand cubic meters. km of water. Another feature: unlike the usual, so to speak, terrestrial oceans, the water in this "underground" ocean is fresh.

The subterranean ocean has a depth relative to the earth's surface from a few tens of meters in the south and up to two and even three kilometers in the north. As you know, the further in the depth of the earth, the is warmer, so there is one more important feature of this underground "miracle": if on the "southern shore" of the underground ocean - somewhere near Biysk, Semipalatinsk or Kustanai - temperature of water reaches only +5 - +10 degrees Celsius, then farther north, at the latitude of Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Tomsk, where the depth is already 500-600 m, the thermometer in the borehole shows +25 degrees Celsius. Even more hot water (+75 degrees Celsius) was detected at a depth of 1,5 km near the city of Tyumen. And there, where it is necessary to drill the boreholes to a depth of 2,5-3 km, from time to time up to 50 m high fountains of real boiling water burst out. The temperature of one of these artificial geysers (in Kolpashevo) reaches + 125 degrees Celsius! True, this water does not boil, as it is under great pressure. Scientists believe that in the north, this extraordinary underground ocean is under the bottom Kara Sea.

The water resources of the underground ocean are almost inexhaustible. Scientists have calculated: even when every day take 2,5 million cubic meters of water, then for 100 years this would be only 1% of the water that is in the ocean. On the globe there are many more underground water basins, but the West Siberian underground ocean is certainly the largest.