Map of Antarctica

Amazing mystery were two extraordinary geographical map of Antarctica, discovered in the 19th century in the archives of the Turkish admiral Piri Reis. A map of Antarctica, whose author is Reis, dated 1513 year, made on the skin of a gazelle. She quite correctly shows Antarctica, which, as is known, opened in 1820, as well as the Atlantic coast of Europe, Africa and America. Interestingly, this is the map of Antarctica with the islands in the Mediterranean Sea, which actually existed 10,000 years ago. Today they are under water. Another very careful map of Antarctica is dated 1531 year. Its author is a French scientist Oronsay Fin. As Finn and Reis indicated that they copied the map from some unknown old original maps, which later lost.

Amazing mystery were two extraordinary geographical map of Antarctica

Piri Reis Map of Antarctica was discovered in 1929 during work on the creation of a museum in the Sultan's palace Topkapi Dr. Ethem. It immediately attracted attention, as it was one of the first maps of America and the only card of the 16th century, where the South American continent is true of Africa. In its manufacture of which used a variety of sources, including the very old. In particular, the Piri Reis directly indicates that the oldest municipality of world maps used them belong to the era of Alexander the Great (4th century BC), Perhaps the author has used some of the materials of the lost Library of Alexandria. Remains of ancient knowledge was really accessible to the Ottoman Empire at the time, as the Egyptian territory at the time the card was part of the Ottoman Empire. There are also references to the use of some "Columbus map"; meaning not a map, made by Columbus and his associates, and the older, which Columbus used.

This map of Antarctica scientists affects extreme precision image of the subglacial topography of the continent of Antarctica, the form of which became known only in 1950, after the large-scale seismographic studies. This gives grounds to make the extraordinary assumption that both of these maps of Antarctica not skillfully made fake, but they are redrawn with cards very ancient civilizations and relate to the period when Antarctica was not yet covered ice.

American researcher Professor Hapgood argues that at least a portion of Antarctica Piri Reis map is made up of copies of maps of unknown origin. The creators of the original, according to Hapgood, had an accurate idea of the shape of the Earth and its size. Made by processing the results of the findings were unexpected. The fact is that during the creation of marine navigation maps did not have any means of determining longitude accurately. To measure the longitude needed accurate time reference - a chronometer, which appeared only in two centuries. But Piri Reis Antarctica map accuracy of longitude was at the same level as that of latitude.

Currently, all the arguments in favor of an opinion on the image map of Antarctica Piri Reis, and against it are equally inconclusive, primarily because of the great antiquity of the work and the lack of documentary evidence in sufficient quantities. All arguments and disputes are based only on common sense and assumptions.