The acidic water

It turns out that some rivers have the acidic water. On Kunashir Island (Kuril Islands group), is an active volcano, which named after the great scientist D.I. Mendeleev. On the slopes of this volcano originates extraordinary river, or rather rivulet, called the Acidic.

It turns out that some rivers have the acidic water

In fact, the water is acidic. Of course, the acidic water of the stream depends on the active volcano.

No less known and acidic springs near the mouth of the river Sancharo Karachay-Cherkess Republic. These sources have been known for a long time, when gorge Big Laba and Sancharo caravan route passed from Persia to the Black Sea. Traders with silk and spices were the pioneers of sources. Acidic water of these springs has medicinal properties and is truly unique! Throughout the world, these fields are only two: one is located in California, in the mountains, and the second in the Karachaevo-Cherkessia Republic. Most of them are built spa facilities. Because they are high in the mountains at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level!

It is worth mentioning and Rio Tinto river in Spain, the acidic water in which destroyed all the fish in it.

And all because, not far from its shores are mountains that are a real pantry of copper, iron and even gold. Long-term industrial activities of man turned once clear waters of the Rio Tinto to trickle acid. Now it is called a "dead river". Yet scientists attention was drawn to the unusual inhabitants of Rio Tinto - extremophilic aerobic bacteria, acidic water for which was very comfortable habitat. Scientists say that such living conditions in which they live, are very similar to those that exist on other planets in our solar system.

One of the most famous rivers with acidic water is located in Columbia, close to an active volcano called Purase. This river El Rio Vinegre.

Acidic water of this river tastes like vinegar. There can not live fish. Water El Rio Vinegre contains approximately 11 g of a solid and 9 g of sulfuric acid per liter of salt water! Scientists believe that due to the processes that are taking place in the bowels of the volcano, this river have the acidic water.

The acidic water flows in some other rivers - tributaries of the Amazon and Orinoco, but in this case the perpetrators of this is not volcanic forces, and some coastal plants, which decomposes in their waters.