Traurnitsa is one of the largest of our day butterflies. Who at least once saw it, will remember forever. It is cherry-black, with a wide creamy border. Near the rim a number of small blue spots.

Traurnitsa is one of the largest of our day butterflies

Butterfly mourning woman appears in the second half of July, early in August and flies to October. When the nights get colder, the mourning woman hides for the winter. Crawls into the hollow, under the stump of the stump, into the deep crevice of the fallen tree, and there, tightly folding its wings and podzhav legs, falls asleep for the whole winter. In the spring she will fly with a month, lay eggs and die.

In the summer and early autumn, a mourning woman can usually be seen near birches: on the edge, in a rare forest. She sits on the trunks, sometimes on the ground near the tree. On flowers, you will see her rarely. But if the juice flows from the birch, the mourners will be here. They will fly and to the juice flowing from the oak.

Together with the mourning woman, the admiral flies, but he appears in the summer a little earlier. Mourning, Admiral, day peacock eye, urticaria, overflow, ribbon, pearls and scales are all butterflies from the family of nymphalids. And for all of them, the structure of the front legs is characteristic: they are underdeveloped, their paws are short, without claws. Mouth parts of the nymphalids, like most butterflies, are changed into a long proboscis. It is wound with a spiral, and when the butterfly sucks, it unfolds. Food of butterflies, as a rule, is liquid. With the help of a proboscis they suck sweet juice of flowers, some - juice, flowing from injured trees, from fallen ripe fruit. Butterfly mourning can be fed and just sweet water.

When will the mourning woman open her proboscis? Where are its taste organs?

They are in an unexpected place. At the mourning woman they are located on the paws of the middle and hind legs. Sitting near the juice, near the sweet water, near any liquid or on a damp surface, the mourner touches them with paws. Not front - they are underdeveloped, namely the middle and back.

Like the mourning woman, only a few butterflies taste organs are placed on the legs. Lovely fliers, brave men do not sit on flowers. They hover above them and on the fly they suck sweet juice out of them. Of course, they do not have bodies of taste on their paws: they are not needed here.