The moon is the natural diagnostician of the Earth!?

The results of studies conducted in recent decades by space agencies of various countries indicate a close interconnection of the planets solar system at the wave energy level. For example, data obtained by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the American NASA using the Ulysses spacecraft in 1990 showed that the Sun interacts with the Solar System more complicated than previously thought. It was found out, that the waves arising in bowels of the Sun, force the Earth to vibrate in unison. Such oscillations were found in the geological structures, atmosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth.

The moon at apogee and perigee

And what is the effect on the Earth, apart from the known gravitational, of our satellite Moon?

The following is a hypothesis about a previously unknown destination Moon, proposed by E. A. Bessonov in March 2012. The hypothesis is as follows: The moon is the natural diagnostician of the Earth in the periods solar eclipses.

The hypothesis is based on the analysis and synthesis of facts known to science:

Mascons are natural scanners

  1. The moon is always turned to the Earth by only one side. The side of the Moon constantly facing us is the ideal surface for diagnosing the Earth from space.

  2. Each point of the Earth is subject to a total solar eclipse once every 360 years. For 360 years, the Earth is fully diagnosed by scanning its areas, shielded by the Moon from direct exposure to solar radiation, which can have a negative effect on the results of the diagnosis.

  3. The length of the lunar shadow during the periods of eclipses either exceeds the distance from the Moon to the Earth (the Moon at perigee), or lacks it (the Moon at apogee). Alternating changes in the Moon's orbit allow one to diagnose not only the geosphere and atmosphere, but also the magnetosphere of the Earth.

  4. The Moon's side facing the Earth contains rounded areas of the surface with abnormally high density - mascons. Mascons can serve as natural scanners and receivers of "healthy" or "sick" energy emitted by the Earth.

The fact that the Sun can affect the Earth, at the wave energy level, was confirmed earlier by NASA and ESA agencies. Moreover, it can be assumed that this effect can be creative ("curative") or destructive. But how the Moon interacting with the Sun, becomes a natural diagnostician of the Earth, science is yet to be clarified.

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